Fights that made careers.

I feel this Roy fight will have just made stipe. What fights do you think made certain fighters careers.

Dan Henderson-V. Silva for Dan. Phone Post

Chael vs Anderson.

McGregor vs Brimmage

Cain vs Nog Phone Post 3.0

Korean Zombie vs Leonard Garcia. Phone Post

A few...

Royce in UFC 1-4
Hughes over Newton
A. Silva over Franklin 1
Hunt over W. Silva
Fedor over Crazy Horse
Bigfoot over Fedor
Jones over Bader Phone Post

Forrest v bonnar Phone Post


JDS v Werdum Phone Post 3.0

Couture vs Belfort 1 was pretty big for Randy. Randy won the tournament before that, but it his competition was a guy that beat 2 0-1 fighters and Ludvig Borga the pro-wrestler who may or may not have ever won a legit bout.

Diego/ clay Phone Post

Michael Chandler vs Eddie Alveraz Phone Post

Mirko vs fujita
Saku vs carlos newton
Fedor vs schilt Phone Post 3.0

Rashad vs chuck Phone Post

Gonzaga vs Crocop Phone Post

Hendo vs fedor.. Phone Post 3.0

Warriormmd - Hendo vs fedor.. Phone Post 3.0

Dan had no career before that, huh? I see what you did there... Phone Post 3.0

Sexyama v Saku Phone Post 3.0

Kimo v Royce Phone Post 3.0

Machida vs Rashad made people really respects of Machidas game, not just his elusiveness and countering. Hendricks vs Fitch really got hype and attention for Hendricks I believe. Phone Post 3.0

Forrest vs Shogun 1 Phone Post


In the Golden Age of MMA.

Pride Never Die.