Fights that pi$$ you off?

1. Sakuraba vs Nino Schembri:

WTF!!!?? how?!!! why?!!! I watched it again just a few minutes ago and it is just unbelievable... Saku is just TOYING with him and then BANG he goes down... Even though I've seen it 5-6 times I still feel like throwing the TV out the window everytime. What makes everything worse is that Nino clearly headbutted (unintentionally) Saku right before he landed the knee. Sakuraba could have and should have won that match, I have never seen a fight with a less deserving winner. If they ever rematch I hope Sakuraba gives Nino the full treatment; complete with spanking, mongolian chops and flying stomps before kicking his legs into a really disgusting mush and bending his arm into some kind of modern artpiece.

2. Igor Vovchanchyn vs Mario Sperry:

Igor should not have been in the ring that night plain and simple, he looked like shit! He was pale, overweight and bleeding before he even entered the ring!! All respect to Sperry for executing a perfect gameplan but IMO a healthy Igor would give him some serious trouble no doubt. More importantly it was on that night that we really got to see how burnt out Igor was, Pride really fucked him over.

3. Amar Suloev vs Phil Baroni:

Baroni won this fight fair and square but the way he acted after the fight just makes me wish Amar had landed a couple more illegal knees. Amar had the fight in the bag before he made a huge mistake when he went for the armbar instead of just punishing Baroni. The stand up was undoubtedly very one-sided in Amars favour, he looked so much more refined and landed some very nice strikes. Amar SHOULD have won that match. If they rematch I know who my money's on!

end of rant....

Vitor Couture made me break some stuff.

vitor vs randy! anything that ended too quick and somewhat flukey. also coleman vs fujita

any fight with wes "the tard" sims

Good post. I made my friends leave the room and cover their ears after
I saw the fights posted above.

Kimo vs Tank

Hughes vs Trigg (That fight pissed me off. I was expecting a wresting
battle and the way Trigg lost just gave me a bad taste in my mouth.

I recently watched a Pride where Renzo fought some japanese wrestler
called O'hara (not Bob Wall). That match sucked. It pissed me off that I
watched the entire fight.

Having the former GP champ fight Fedor the 1st rd while letting 1 of 2 unskilled fighters advance (Giant Silva)! That's BS!


any really boring fight pisses me off

sak losing to vanderlei the first time. I think I was in shock, the way he got thrashed.

I can think of 10

Ruas Taktarov 1 Oleg did not deserve the jd. Can you imagine Ruas Severn in the finals of uu 1? Severn would have become less famous.

Crocop / Randleman

Couture / Belfort II

Rampage / Chuck

I guess we don't know how it would have gone but it certainly would have been more interesting than Severn Oleg 2.

Vitor has been in a lot of disappointing fights.

Rivera vs. Murray

Brown vs. Sudo

Two local heroes from the same team losing by the same exact technique in consecutive UFCs. THAT pissed me off.

Ohara has disgraced us...

Ohara has disgraced us...

Jeff Fenech versus Azumah Nelson.

Fenech clearly won the first fight and got robbed.

The fight that pissed me off the most was Vitor VS COuture
close second was Sak VS Elvis Shembri

For various reasons the following fights piss me off:

Royce v. Shamrock 2

Penn v. Uno 2 (what was BJ thinking? what were the judges watching?)

Tank v. Kimo (the dumbest UFC fight ever, IMHO)

Couture v. Vitor 2 pissed me off at the time but as long as the third fight happens, I'll get over it...

Giant Silva v. Sentoryu in the Pride GP (maybe the dumbest fight of all time)

Rivera vs. Murray would be my pick

sergie vs. la giant

wanted sergei to rough him up more then he did