Fights where you didn't want anyone to lose...

Looking forward to fedor v Henderson but I really don't want to see either fighter lose. I felt the same during the liddell / couture trilogy as well as jones v shogun. Are there any fights that you would add to the list? Phone Post

 those are always the best though.  Hogan vs. The Rock comes to mind.

Upcoming Condit-Kim. I'm a proud Korean and a proud New Mexican.

Yeah, same with chuck v shogun for me. Also Rocky v drago if we're going into fiction. Phone Post

Randy vs Nogueira


I just wanted to see that fight keep going.

Fedor Crocop
Franklin Hendo
Guida Gomi
Gomi Diaz Phone Post

Bocek vs Bendo Phone Post

 Maynard/ Edgar

For sure Fedor/Crocop

Wand vs Leben Phone Post

Im rooting for Wand though ^ Phone Post

Shogun v Machida Phone Post

 Fedor Henderson 4 sure

bones vs shogun


I really like Shane Carwin and watching this season of TUF made me realize how cool JDS is too. I didn't want either guy to lose and especially not the way it went down.

I'm a fan of Rich, but a lot of times he fights someone that I'm a bigger fan of, so he's been in a ton of fights that made me not pick. Phone Post