Fights who have come back from a losing streak...

Can anyone name some fighters who have had a rough patch in their career and have come back stonger and better?

Alistair Overeem is the first name I thought of. He lost of 5 of 7 at one point.

Although, he is now gone from the organization, Patrick Cote started his UFC career 0-4 and went on to fight for the title. His style didn't really improve greatly, but his record did. Phone Post


Denis Kang.

Randy Couture.

Nick Diaz.

At one point, Kang went 2-5-1 in an 8-fight stretch.

Then he went 21-0-2 in his next 23 fights, going all the way to the PRIDE 2006 Welterweight Grand Prix Final.

Tough to beat that.

He also lived in his car at one point early in his career, like Forrest Griffin.

Man, I always loved Kang. A great guy, and an exciting fighter.

Nick lost 3 in a row in the UFC.

Then he went 14-1-1 all the way to the Strikeforce championship. And that Gomi draw was bullshit. Should be 15-1, and the 1 loss was the cut to Noons, which was avenged.

That's pretty badass.

Drew Fickett has been winning lately, after a really bad period for a while.

Gotta throw my hay In 3 in a row in 2006 4 if u count the spinal surgery the ran up 5 W's in a row upon return Phone Post

 8 replies and not ONE FOR MARK COLEMAN?!?!?!?!??!?!

Lost 3 in a row in UFC and was released...

The guy was literally working fights for a no talent Japanese Pro Wrestler just to provide for his family.

He then went on to win the biggest and best MMA tournament....

Mac Danzig came back stronger and better vs Joe Stevenson, but Hermes Franca has been winning lately but Toby Imada look at his record (on wikipedia.) he lost 5 in a row and hasn't looked bad recently, last fight excluded of course.

vitor lost 4 outta 5... randy, tito, overeem, beat Rea then lost to overeem again... then won 5 straight by KO, or TKO..

Drew Fickett.

Lost like 7 strait i think, then came back and is not MFC champ i think.

Baroni had a rough stretch and then followed it with a good run.