Fights you want to see

This thread is for discussion on fights that the fans would like to see happen

A fight that I have wanted to see (but proabably never will) is Jeremy Jackson vs Pete Spratt

these guys are both dangerous strikers in the 170 lb division. I would give either guy an even shot at winning but I think it would be a great fight.

What do you guys think about this matchup, and add any fight that you want to see.


fedor/cro cop



rampage/ silva

The biggest fight I wanted to see was Hughes/Sherk.Now after seeing that I can't think of any other fight that really jumps out at me right now.

Maybe Eastman/Silva for the intensity factor alone

Sak vs Rickson (a couple of years ago)

Nog vs Fedor

Crocop vs Fedor

Randy vs Wandy

no one has thoughts on Jeremy Jackson vs Pete Spratt?

huh I think it would be a standup war.

Cro-Cop vs. Fedor