Fights you will never watch?

For me it has to be Cro Cop vs Gonzaga and Big Nog vs Cain

Fedor vs Monson

I won't re-watch most of Tito's boring ass fights

I will never re-watch Yves Edwards vs Sam Stout... I could have cried when I saw that live on the prelims. How do you not love a guy like Yves? Phone Post

Bones vs shogun Phone Post

any Fitch fight

Shogun vs Jones
Nog vs Mir
Lesnar vs Couture
Hughes vs Royce Phone Post

any fight that Igor lost

Bill Pharoni - Fedor vs Monson

Hahaha I was thinking the same!! Phone Post

MakeMeBleed - any Fitch fight

I enjoyed the fuck out of Fitch vs Penn. Phone Post

arona vs sakuraba, and pretty much most saku fights from then on.

Lentz/Winner-Went to a show and missed all of 118.

Sooo many others. Can't remember them all.

Any Fitch fight!

Fitch zzzzz Phone Post

Sakuraba wandy Phone Post

Dana White vs. Tito Ortiz

Rohan vs quartos Phone Post

Damn autocorrect! Phone Post

Murilo vs. Kharitonov. 

GSP VS KOS again. Phone Post