Fights you wish there was a phantom cam for

Brock vs. Herring

Evans vs. Liddell

Hackney vs. Son

Barboza vs Etim

Anderson vs Vitor

Machida vs Handy

Condit vs Hardy (one of my fav. KOs)

The Showtime kick would have been pretty sweet. Phone Post

Crocop vs gonzaga. Phone Post

Silva vs Forrest, belfort, Irvin, bonnar, okami, Franklin

Rampage vs wanderlei 3, lidell 2, arona
Evans vs lidell
Franklin vs lidell
Bj vs Sanchez
Also vs Mendez Phone Post

Anderson Silva vs Forrest Griffin

No Hendo vs Bisping yet?!?! Phone Post

I'd watch the old Tito/Ken fight. I'd watch every punch and takedown of that beating in slo-mo.

I like seeing Shamrock getting smashed.

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No Hendo vs Bisping yet?!?! Phone Post

lol beat me to it...

also Hendo vs Fedor

Fedor vs Rogers


I must have missed something.  What is a phantom cam?

Jeremy Stephens/dos anjos. Phone Post

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I must have missed something.  What is a phantom cam?

Blue namer...please accompany this young man and post the Rory Gif.
Thank you.

I found a link to the article about the camera used during the wolrd series.  It's a slow mo camera.  Seems like it is slower than most cameras in sporting events.  Curious to see how it stacks up against the "Ultra Mo" camera the NHRA uses (which is the slowest camera used in pro sports, at least it was.  Not sure the specs of the two compare yet).

Just FYI for the curious.

The camera used for World Series by Fox was 5,000 frames per second.

The cameras used in the NHRA are 6,000 frames per second.

I'm not sure what the ones used for UFC were rated at.

Pretty much at the point where any slower won't show anything worth slowing down (unless you want to see a drop of sweat come out of a pore frame by frame!).

Any Silva fights :)

Barboza kick

Wonder Boy kick

Rashad KO'd by Machida

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I'm a fan of Bisping but that gif is phenomenal.

Rashad vs Salmon

Gonzaga vs Cro Cop

Stann vs Leben

Whatever fight that Miesha Tate .gif came from

Cabbage Correira vs Andrei Arlovski Phone Post

Baroni vs Menne