Fightsport Get together...

You guys have seen the OG get togethers, now it is time you guys are privy to a fightsport get together. It looks like they had a blast. See below.

what in fuk is going on there? peeps dying or what

why is that video like 1 inch by half an inch big for me..without the play/stop shit?

lol too bad for you fuckers it shows as a full screen for me


That lightning bolt guy kept on missing

"That is funny even though you have posted and re-posted it repeatedly on the UG!"

much like your lame Tito video

ttt for later!!!

"much like your lame Tito video"

No, the major difference is that the Tito video was very well done and hilarious. The Tito video also contained actual footage of Tito.

On the other hand, your lame video that you found on stile project is not funny in the slightest. Nor does it contain any footage of actual fightsport members. Your pathetic attempt at humor is tantamount to an 8 year old pointing to a picture of a monkey and saying "thats a picture of you, nah, nah, nah" to somebody they dont like.

Now do you understand the difference between something that is clever and humorous as opposed to your embarrassing attempt?

you are right. you guys are so clever. I apologize I don't know what I was thinking. I will try and keep up with the cleverness of the fightsport posters. Please accept my sincerest and humbelest of apologies. I do not deserve to live after this thread.

I have no formal training......I have no regrets.

so clever