File hosting question

I would like to load my fight somewhere, but where can I upload a .99 GB file?

Youtube, Google, Myspace all have a max of 100 MB.

any help would be appreciated

edit it into 100 MB segments like everyone else does.

or poke around in here:

thank you.
i dont have any program loaded to split it up.
not a IT savy person

ok so I guess what i dont know how to do is rip the file from the DVD in a format that is supported by the sites. right now it only plys in the powerDVD thing.

But I havent installed my DVD/CD rewriter...Ive been lazy. Assuming I need to do that in order to be able to rip the file from the DVD by buddy burned for me?

Here's youtube's help page on uploading video:

Here's their help page on making & editing videos:

Here's a great site on dealing with videos & DVD in general:

This stuff just in general doesn't come easy & it's hard to explain exactly what you need to do since everyone's equipment, vids, websites & preferences are different. You don't have to be Mr. Wizard to get through it, but you can't expect to be force fed the answers, either. Expect a bit of a learning curve.

Short answer for you is probably DVDShrink's reauthor mode, which will let you export clips from DVDs. But you're still going to need to understand the basics of DVDs as far as the file system goes.

thank you very much. i really appreciate the help and setting me in the right direction.

If you want to FTP it somewhere so I can download it, I can edit, convert, and post on YouTube for you.