Damn being an actual high paid film-maker shouldnt I be a mod here? Red me up someone.

Any ways cool idea guys. However I think this will just end up being 90% argument forum lol.

There won't be any arguments.

I mean, as long as everyone agrees that "Ed Wood" was a piece of shit movie, a disgusting hatchet job by Hollywood in an attempt to mock independent filmmaking and filmmakers. "Plan 9 From Outer Space" is 9 times better than "Ed Wood".

Also, Johnny Depp is a clown, not an actor.

Rypani...what type of films do you make? oh and for arguements
sake...filmmaker is not a hyphenated j/k

Glad you came over here. I think that this will become a solid
forum. Already people are starting to post some interesting stuff.

Rypani, what's on your resume?

I think this forum is a great idea, as a matter of fact, as you can tell by my total posts #, this might be one of the only forums I will actually post on.

This should actually be an Informative forum and not a Flame, Argue, Fight over who can hypothetically beat who Keyboard warrior forum.

I came here to lol at this so... lol!

as long as everyone agrees that "Ed Wood" was a piece of shit movie

I'm never coming to this forum again!!

runs off sobbing*

Willybone...don't run I'm sure somebody will agree with you.
I would disagree about Depp though. I actually think he is a pretty solid

It's not his skill that I dislike, it's his style.

How did he decide to portray Hunter Thompson?

As a bumbling, cartoonish fool.

How did he decide to portray Ed Wood?

As a bumbling, cartoonish fool.

It worked better for Fear & Loathing, but it still wasn't a sincere attempt at acting. There was no trace of honest human emotion in those performances, because he was making fun of the character from the outside instead of becoming the character from the inside.

hmmm. "There was no trace of honest human emotion in those performances"

I read fear and loathing, and I thought Depp nailed the totally spun out drug induced stupor perfectly.

I haven't watch Ed Wood in a long time, but I remember liking it when I watched it.

I actually think that Depp is one of the best actors around these days.

I heard that Hunter Thompson was very unhappy with the movie.

Depp is a very good actor. And he's popular but for the most part resists crappy roles just to make a ton more cash.

Depp did a great job in fear and lothing. his acting in that was solid as
was his role in the pirates flick. He's damn good if you ask me.

He was good in Dead Man, but Gary Farmer owned the movie.

It's amazing but I never saw Dead Man. I just picked it up the other
day. I'll watch it this weekend. I'm a huge fan of Jarmusch too. I have
pretty much most of his stuff. Anything on DVD, I have.

that's a beautiful man right there. Fuck.

woohoo,'re "an actual high paid film-maker"...mind answering the questions about your resume? Not trying to be a hater, you just came accross as pretty pompous with that line...would like to see you back it up.

I like Depp a small doses.

Speaking of Jarmusch, what was all the fuss about
Coffee and Cigarettes?

What is Rypani's name? Is he Quentin Tarantino?