Films you wish made as a game

I'll start:


AvP as in Aliens Vs Predator?
Hate to break it to you but ...

and they arenĀ“t new games

damn...I knew that was a good idea for a game!!!

Pee Wee Hermans Adventure.

I'd say "The Warriors", but good news...

AND it's being done by Rockstar.

Hmmm. Throw in "They Live" on the list. It'd be cool to put on the glasses and blow away aliens, all while spewing out classic one-liners.

Your wish is granted, Tigger - there's a Conan game that looks to be slated for release Q1 or Q2 of 2005 for XBox:

It's already been released in Europe, where the general consensus is C+ to B range, though one reviewer hated it with a passion and gave it a 3/10 :-O

Dawn of the Dead.

i always wanted Krull, or big trouble in little china

I thought there was a game made after Krull?

FPS based on Ronin, car chases, shoot outs, capping IRA and russian mob members...

NONE. You people need to realize that 99% of all movie games suck ass, and all the game would do is make you pissed that the game is such a disgrace to your favorite movie.

Besides that most of you are mentioning movies that already had terrible games made out of them long ago.

Alien Vs. Predator was on multiple systems in the 16-bit era.

Conan was made into a shitty NES game.

Big Trouble In Little China had a game on the Commodore 64 or something like that. The two-disc special edition DVD has a couple of lame-looking screenshots of it in the extras. Although to be fair, even I would have to play it if they made a new Big Trouble In Little China game.

any Jackie Chan film could have the potential to be a kickass game, if done right

that and Enter the Dragon

debbie does dallas

shawshank redemption