Final Fantasy 11

Anyone play it, or played it. Trying to get into contact with a few people, hopefully find some on my server. Post comments etc... want to know how you feel about the game, good and bad. lets not turn this into an "I hate RPG thread", fight clean.


FF11=gay as fuck


killer, please excuse your self from this thread my fellow spartan slayer

ok, sprawl seeing as we are the only true spartan slayers, BDI What!!!

My name is Monstar in the world try to find me let me know your from

I really liked the game, but had to stop playing because of the whole paying thing. I was hoping to pick it up again when the expansion came out, but hasn't happened. If I do pick it up again, I'm gonna start over. Good game though, only problem is the amounts of time it takes to level up.

my Rdm/War kicks ass! I'm on Kujata

anyone on remora? i'm crocop-- 49whm/35 blm

I'm on Remora, 71 BLM.

I've headkicked you before at the lake :)

lol tadboyf.. i remember seeing you there last week. wtf is your name again?

i was on painkillers for my injured back so i prolly didnt make any sense

oh the memories. BTW folks, after 35 the game starts to pickup