Final Fantasy 12

I know Iknow that this is the WOW ground now, but I would like to make special mention of this game, as it takes a major leap form the normal FF way of doing things and forces an actual strategy against most bosses, rather than massive power leveling. Granted, power leveling still works to a degree, but the time and effort needed to power level is ridiculous.  You are expected to be about level 45 by the ended of the game.  Just a tad low for my taste. 

I'm still mentally scarred from X-2. Will be a while before I can play another FF game.

Nothing Even close to resembling X-2.  You run around and battle almost like in an MMo format.  Your party members automatically react based upon how you build your AI.  The AI building tool in the game is quite comprehensive.  It can range from choosing which enemy to attack, to casting healing and buffs based upon character or enemy status (Health lvl or simply poison or death or the like)  Everything is done in real time.  You don't even use potions while in the menu anymore.  You chosse it from a small menu that pops up as you run around and you use it during gameplay, unlike every other FF game to date. 

I learned to do that shit when I fought that optional first demon wall.  I hate that fucking thing with a passion.  The second one had half the health and twice the time to beat it.

I hear FF11 is pure utter crap and noone plays on it