Final Fantasy XV on PC

Played a few hours of the demo.  The game is fantastic but the combat really feels like I'm button mashing.  I'm using mouse/keyboard so maybe that isn't what its suited for?  I'm hoping that after a while, the combat makes more sense and is deeper.  Right now I'm just running behind an enemy and trying to hit attack a thousand times.  


Does the combat get better?

I couldn't get on with that game. Maybe I was just rubbish, but I always felt like I wasn't in control of the character during the combat.The tag team noves were pretty cool, but the magic sucked and seemed like an afterthought. I got to the first big city but then just lost the will to play it. It's a shame, because it felt like with a few tweaks it could have been a great game.

Ya, the combat is kinda cluttered and chaotic.  When there are 5 enemies, and tree shrubs, huge sword swings and explosions, it's a "what the fuck is going on" moment.  The tag team moves are confusing too.  I'm not sure if youre switching into another character or its a "pre-rendered" attack.  The camera angle is switching every 2 seconds and I have no idea whats going on.  But the game itself is solid.


I hate games like ESO where the entire game is inventory managment.

Yeah, the camera angles are hard to deal with sometimes and I found myself knocked on my arse far too often. With the tag moves, they're pre-rendered and you stay as your character. If I remember correctly, you just need to wait for a quick-time button to appear and then you can do additional damage.

I'm in the middle of this now, and really liking it so far. Combat was a bit clunky as mentioned, but practise in addition to customizing buttons to an xbox elite controller have made things earier. Now I'm finding it to be interesting and engaging.

I'm also VERY impressed by the image quality and the amount of graphics settings that have been added to the PC version. Turfworks, hairworks, new 4K assests/textures , excellent Draw Distance(although the TAA is a bit blurry).Performance is pretty good too on high end machines but may need tweaking. Also Chapter 9 has among the most beautiful locations I've seen in any video game.

I'm even finding the story to be interesting (although it's had things added to it since launch to flesh it out more). Overall, this is quite a good port and I would recommend it for fans of JRPGS.

Here's a more detail analysis from Eurogamer, whom were also very impressed with the PC port.

A few things I like about this over traditional more recent RPGs...the game isn't compromised over inventory management. Other games, there are 10,000 pieces of loot, the majority of which are junk, which you can't identify until deeper in the game. 


You don't have to find food, harvest it, learn cooking, eat in such a deep manner. Games like ESO became daunting with such tasks. Sure it added hours to the gameplay, but it made the gameplay boring imo. Here you can cook food and gain strength in a shorter, direct manner. 


What I don't like is the menu system. Bring up the map and you're forced to use the keyboard to navigate. It is just terrible and clunky. Why on earth would they not allow you to use your mouse in those screens? I would much rather zoom in using the mouse scroll than using page up. Changing weapons and finding attributes is terrible in the same way. It's like they forced a console crossover for the menu system. I hate it. 

Why not make a quicksave button? Going through the menu to save is too long. 

^Yeah those are all reasonable complaints. It's those Quality of Life things that seem normal for those of who game regularly on PC's but may not have been immediately apparently to developers that are still gaining their footing in the PC space.

Hopefully some mods/patches can fix it. Tabata(the lead developer) has said that there will be extensive mod support tools coming & I'm excited to see what directions the mod community could potentially take this game in the months to come (in addition to ongoing DLC support that SE will provide)