Final Fu IMDB posts

If you are sick of Final Fu threads then just don't read. For anyone else, check out the IMDB page for Final Fu:

Some hilarious posts.

These two threads in particular are great:

Some gems:

"UFC could beat them in a fight, but UFC is nothing more than a street brawl with a ref. I was trained by one of the potential contestants from UFC 1, but he told them he wouldn't disgrace his belt. Final Fu may not use grappling much, but you have to respect their nod to tradition instead of slapping it in the face"

"i myself am a martial artist and we are taught to kick the crotch, bite, gough the eyes, break the arms and legs, fight multiple people, pressure point manipulation, direct attack, evade and attack, sweeps to the legs (lost of martial arts don't emphasize this), iron bone training, iron man training, and so on and so forth."

my leg wishes I would have concentrated more on iron bone training. my bones are not strong as fvk!

wow, here's Whitney's MySpace page

"Heheheh. I want to see everyone in Final FU vs. UFC I think UFC would win. However, Jet Li versus Final Fu or UFC. Jet Li would kill. -,-"

Jet Li beats Fedor, you heard it here first.

"Bah UFC is too high on steroids and mindlessness. They take out one of the most important aspects of martial arts: discipline. I don't want to watch barbarians knocks each others empty skulls out."

You need-ah da dish-ih-prine!