Final PRIDE GP match (main draw)

Maxfighting reported Schilt vs McGee as the final match of the tourny's main draw. That is a cool match-up.

So, who knows who H2O is fighting, but his opponent was new as of Monday. might want to change their preview and expert pick contest page.

Semmy has to be condidered a great addition to the tourny...his only recent losses were to Barnett, Mino, and Fedor. He's provides some interesting possibilities for the quarterfinals. Oh, I'll pick Schilt by TKO in the 1st round.

and where did Fightsport get it from?

Didn't DSE send out the press release that the "king of all news sites" used?

does anybody know how the brackets will go after the first round?

They will be decided after this round. Maybe even decided again for the semis like the middleweight tourny...

They did say that they are going to set it up so Ogawa has a good chance of making it to the semis (as in not fighting the big three). So who knows how it will look.

Fedor Emelianenko vs. Mark "The Hammer" Coleman
Antonio Rodrigo "Minotauro" Nogueira vs. Hirotaka Yokoi
Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic vs. Kevin "The Monster" Randleman
"The Texas Crazy Horse" Heath Herring vs. Yoshiki Takahashi
Murilo "Ninja" Rua vs. Sergei Kharitonov
Naoya Ogawa vs. Stefan "Blitz" Leko
Paulo Cesar "Giant" Silva vs. Henry "Sentoryu" Miller
Semmy Schilt vs. "Big" Gan McGee

If it were a true tourny, the brackets would look like this (according to the current match-ups):



Cro Cop/Randleman

Giant Silva/Sentoryu

But, if we wanted to get more technical that PRIDE, the 7 spot (Silva/Sentoryu) should be the 8 spot, Ogawa/Leko should be 7, and Schilt/McGee should be 6 or 5.  Regardless of our match-making, if Ogawa wins he'll most likely face Silva/Sentoryu.

Sherdog is wrong, goku. Waterman is still in the tourny, but he's an alternate.

"They did say that they are going to set it up so Ogawa has a good chance of making it to the semis"

That's awful. Just say that Cro Cop, Fedor and Mino all make it to the semis, along with Ogawa because Pride manipulate the draws in his favour.

That means that one of the Big Three gets Ogawa in the semis, who is probably nowhere near the same level of fighter, and the other has to go through one of the Big Three, and fight two of them on the same night. What crap!

LOL. you guys don't need to worry. ogawa won't make it past the first round, let alone the quarters.

If one of the "Big Three" beats the other two in one night at the finals, he will have to be considered the undisputed #1 fighter in the world.

Do you guys think we'll have a final bracket for the quartefinals or will it shuffle again before the end?

"Yeah Maxfighting got it from Fightsport. The king of all news sites."


I'm going to take:
Fedor, Schilt, Kharitonov, Herring, Cro Cop, Ogawa, Sentoryu, and Minotauro.

I bet June's quarters will look like this:



Cro Cop/Schilt


If DSE hadn't said that about Ogawa, Sentoryu (or Silva) would probably have to fight Fedor. Kharitonov and Fedor are friends, so I don't think they'll fight each other first.