I would like to first off send my congratulations to Denis Kang for taking Canada to Russia we are truely lucky to have fighters with his committment representing us and i hope we show our support.....that said I will be signing off of the forum for a week or two to get my organization in order i have as of this afternoon received several death threats and feel it is in my own best intersts both personal and professional to put my efforts into getting my own house in order , i appreciate all of the support the Canadian and American communities have given me , your phone calls are wonderfull again i apolagize for this situation as i do feel i am somewhat responsible for being the one to challenge tko and mfc it was my intention to respect the sport i never intended for this to happen. Announcement to be made in the coming weeks but for now I think I will step off this ride so to speak.
Leslie Dickens
proudly the owner of Shut-Up and Fight

I hope I get some, that would be the only thing I need to completely snap and start my OWN witch hunt...only thing is, I know where all the witches are.


Anyone with death threats is welcome to bring them to PG and say them face to face. Anyone hiding behind a phone or psuedonym is a low life coward.