FInally able to sponsor a fighter

As someone who represents a lot of big brands and my own stuff I have to tell you its a PAIN IN THE ASS to sponsor a fighter.

I made a thread before on it and got several responses.  To be fair some were just priced out of my league (shane carwin, frank mir, rampage, etc).

But the guys fighting on strikeforce and ufc undercards their agents have been so shitty to work with.  I call and they talk but I never get a rate card or anything... sometimes not even a call back.

I don't have time to keep nagging them to give them money.  WTF are these agents?

Bleh anyway I didn't mean to get on a rant cause:


He is the first fighter on the UFC FX card and you will see the ShoeMoney logo on his shorts and on his banner!  

Super pumped to finally be able to sponsor a fighter!


Nice! Congrats! Phone Post

 That's awesome!! Congratulations and I hope everything works out great for you and Bang!!!

Great choice of fighter!

Congratulations and good luck!

 Oh and about all the others... did they put you on hold for an hour =)

See what I did there lol

Congrats sir, I will be looking sure for the logo. May this be the first of many. Phone Post

billmartinjunior - Nice! Congrats! Phone Post

. Phone Post



BTW Kirik for our offerpools site I would much rather give out UG gift cards as a option to winners not sure if you still follow this thread and I know your busy but it would be pretty large volume.