Finally decided on a laptop

Hey Just wanted to see what you guys thought about ym purchase of a Toshiba Satellite P100-SD3. The specs are: 17inch monitor,1.83GHz Core Duo2400,100GB HD,1024MB DDR2 Ram, DVD double layer Burner.It comes with windows Xp Home also. I got all that for about 1299$ thats not including tax

Yea I like it think it will be a good all around laptop, i mean for that good of a price i dont think i could have done much better

Looks like a very good price, as long as you're not looking for an ultra-portable.

well i only really need to bring it to my classes thats it so no rest of the time it will be in my dorm room

not too familiar with video cards but im going to say its a GeForce Go 7300 128MB..

The vid card is the most important spec. The GeForce 7300 128Mb will not cut it if your into gaming...

I am but schooling is more important for now can always upgrade the card once im done

im not sure what that means would it tell me in the specs, cuz i should have said that i ordered it and im going to pick it up this week..

good machine & good price.

If you need a chiropractor over carrying an 8 lb notebook you need to hit the gym. Nice choice on the 17" screen.

for that price I'm actually impressed it has dedicated graphics, and upgrading video cards on laptops is difficult.

Be sure to set 'digital vibrance' setting on your video card to low or medium, makes the picture look 100 times better.

That should run Americas Army and Counterstrike Source good, just tinker with the settings if you want to play.

ite thats cool