Finally Got My Guitar Fixxed.

Fixed even...

Supposed to get it back in about an hour. I`m am sooo sick of playing this crappy washburn..

Got it back! Dude did a very nice job!

This is the Gibson with the hairline fracture at the headstock,yes? Glad to hear it went well. What did he do,and how much did he charge? Was he clear about what he needed to do beforehand? Any surprises?

Sorry for so many questions, but I'm always looking for ways to improve my own service.

can you play "One thing leads to another" now?? heh j/k

any before/after pics?

It was more like a big ol` crack all the way across.. ;)

He shot glue in the crack and matched the finish. He let it sit a couple of weeks to make sure the finish wouldn`t crack. Plus he made a new nut and saddle since the action had worked its way down to being so low it buzzed and bonked just about everywhere you played..

He is a good friend so he basically did it for free.