finally hit 600 lbs

370 deadlift and 230 bench press both with perfect form completely raw and without a spotter. 5'9" 175lbs

Goal for Jan 1, 2008 is 470 dead and 330 bench, also 100% raw with perfect form and without any supplements and a damn near vegetarian diet

what about your squat?

Or the crossfit total? Deadlift, sqaut and overhead press.

OH press i havent been working on much. I would guess maybe around 135 fresh. Ive been working on empty bar OH squats for form and I will probably start light on squats next week

i'm slightly lower than that in the deadlifts, doing the 5x5 workout currently at 285. 5'8" about 160 i'd guess. i only have 345 in weights(including bar) and it feels like i may be able to do a little more but it think it's pretty close to my max. don't have a specific number i'm going for, just trying to lift as much as i can.

as far as form goes, i've looked up a a lot of sites, saw videos and read descriptions but never had anyone show me. any particular site that you would recommend?

good luck on reaching 470, that would be incredible if i ever reached that.

most important thing to remember is keep your eyes forward slightly up. bar should be just touching your shins and when you pull it up it should almost slide up your legs. keep your back STRAIGHT and eyes forward and up, drop your hips down and stand up with it, dont pull the weight up with your arms and back

form is everything, not that im a world hero or anything but the slightest bit of mechanics out of place and youre in big trouble especially when youre working with big weights

i did do squats today only worked with about 210lbs but man was i hurting when i left