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Saw this on the main page so thought i would share

From: corey fischer kotc

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King of the Cage, the world’s premiere Mixed Martial Arts, no holds barred cage fighting event is coming to Australia. John Pedro presents a night of cage fighting fury on Friday 4 February 2005, at Southport RSL on the beautiful Gold Coast.

Two World Title Fights will be decided, with the main event matching Australia’s Luke PICKLUM with the devastating James FANSHIER from the United States for the King of the Cage Welterweight World Title . The always dangerous, lightning quick PICKLUM who is a Brazillian Jiu Jitsu brown belt under Mario SPERRY, faces one of the world’s rising stars of Mixed Martial Arts in FANSHIER, the current title holder and freestyle wrestling coach. This fight shapes to be the greatest ever held in Australia.

Also up for grabs is the King of the Cage Light Heavyweight World Title between Australia’s former Middleweight champion, Tony “Gun” BONELLO, prodigy of boxing legend Roberto DURAN – 4 time World Boxing Champion, versus the Mexico’s Edwin AGUILAR. Undefeated BONELLO faces his most dangerous opponent in AGUILAR who has an unbelievable kickboxing record of 119-3, with 87 KO’s, a 10-0 boxing record, and a 12-4 Mixed Martial Arts record, and has recently been voted as having the Greatest Physique in the World of Mixed Martial Arts by Pride Fighting Championship. With special guest World Champion boxer Shannan TAYLOR in BONELLO’s corner, this will be an explosion of fighting styles, sure to end in KO!

This event also includes an undercard of Australia’s biggest and best fighters:


This event is sure to turn up the heat on the Gold Coast and is not to be missed!

For more information or to arrange media opportunities please contact Peter Beiers on 0422 666 813 or

For the record I didnt write this... Corey FISHER must be an ex cop too :)


Change of opponent for Bonello. Another customs/visa problem ?

And aren't there 2 fights missing ? I'm sure I read that there would be 10 fights, but I only counted 8 in the press release (didn't I ?)

Ah well...


sherdog has AGUILAR's record as 5-3

Theres alot of aussie talent on thre. should be an awsome night!

If Aguilar has a 'kickboxing record of 119-3, with 87 KO’s', who else predicts a 35 second rear naked choke victory? ;-) Aguilar must have moved up in weight too...

Regardless, some bloody good match ups there! Looking forward to Brad vs Cuttajar as well. Was a shame to see Cuttajar vs Big Jim end the way it did. I think Mick was in for a world of hurt though..........

What happened to Seth? Was looking forward to seeing him. I hope Tony goes toe to toe with this kickboxer. Theres been a lot of talk about how good his stand up is at the moment.

Better late than never on the announcement!!!!

There does look like some great matchups. Be intersting to see if brandon bell can hang with George.
Good luck also to Kym , hopefully he can get another Win. Should be a great night.


Are KOTC planning to hold regular events or is this a one off?

I wont even bother asking why Tony Bonello is not fighting Sean Gray, Marvin Eastman , Vernon white or anyone else in the top ten for that matter. Seriously how many f*cking titles is he going to rack up against nobodys before he fights somebody decent. What a joke.

Apart from the usual Bonello farce it looks like a fantastic card.

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Aaron, you need to consider that they had a late withdrawal and are scratching for opponents. Not everyone is gonna just jump in the ring with him.

They spent 30K on a cage and a packet on the rights so I think that its a long term gig :)


"Not everyone is gonna just jump in the ring with him"

So does this make AGUILAR a "no one" ??

And by that I mean, an enthusiastic up and commer, who wouldn't normally be considered a worthwhile opponent for Bonello, but, due the fact he's prepared to take the fight on short notice, he's being given a go ?

Ie: the biggest assets AGUILAR bring to the table on this occasion are his availabilty and heart ?


I was wondering whether they were using the cage, good to hear they are. Also good to hear that they are here for the long term.

Justin it just seems that this happens to every fight Bonello has. The only reason titles mean anything is they are generally to indicate that the two best people have competed to earn it. Titles mean absolutley nothing if you fight a nobody to win it.

I would think even Bonello's hardcore fans would be getting sick of the quality of his opponents. What happens if he RNC this guy in a minute to win the title , are people supposed to say WOW Tony is the KOTC LHW champ ...thats amazing . Well its not amazing , the only thing that is amazing is that he hasnt fought anyone decent in 13 fights.

Anyway, that the last of My Bonello rant, I would prefer to talk about the real fights on this card and there are plenty of good matchups.

"What happens if he RNC this guy in a minute to win the title"

Aaron are you predicting a marathon fight for the title ?


Justin so are you saying many others don't think the KOTC title is that important. You said not everyone would jump in on short notice, yet on another thread about nerves D Folk says Matt would have jumped in the ring with Federa in Pride if they asked for that yet your saying none of the KOTC top 10 will jump in with Tony???

So they sack Higgins bacause he refuses to fight on KOTC Australia yet they can't get any of their own top 10 ranked fighters to fight Bonello for a World Title...Looks like they better sack another 10 or so fighters.

Can someone tell me who Edwin fought in Boxing? I have him 1-0 maybe thats how they got confused with 10 fights, can see how 1-0 looks like 10...

He fought Andre's Zaragoza on the 21-6-04 and Andre's record was 0-0-0 and Edwin won by TKO in the 1st round of a scheduled 4 round fight. Thats what records I can did up but it could be wrong.

Very simple question here to Justin or anyone else involved with KOTC can you please post Edwins boxing record with dates, opponents and results???

I thought I read this was going to be the best event ever in Australia MMA history with the cream of Austrlian MMA fighters fighting.

I don't know so can you tell me are all these fighters the cream of the crop of Australia and what makes this event any better than a Spartan with Haselman v's Mahood, WR Tanner v's Elvis or a XFC Bonello V's Sevren???

"WR Tanner v's Elvis"

Did I miss something.........WTF!!!??!!??!!

Sorry Traven...woops

"...AGUILAR who has an unbelievable kickboxing record of 119-3, with 87 KO’s"

WTF! That man sounds Dangerous!

your right its unbelievable.

Hell, forget king of the cage, ttt for tanner vs. elvis! :)