Finally met you guys! :)

White347LX and madman! :)

I can die a happy man now! lol

Ps. Now, who is "cherokee"?

I feel you BZLJJ!!!

White is correct! :) lol

Word on the street is that Cherokee is a Ninja. Can anyone confirm this?

I was in Las Vegas, now I am back. I probably won't make it to train again until Friday because of my schedule.

I am a ninja, but that's something of a secret. You'll recognize me by my distictive ninja boots with the split toes. Nobody else at Pat's has them (yet).

Jared, I think I remember you from Ultimate Fitness. You'll probably remember me when you see me. We're about the same size and used to roll back in those days.

White347LX, if you're who I'm thinking of, I'm the guy that taped on your glove Friday night a couple weeks ago. I still have those gloves in my bag if you need to borrow them.

BZLJJ I have not yet met.

LOL @ White, madman, and cherokee! :)

I can also be identified by the fact that I'm usually wearing Tennessee Titans gear.

Titans suck! Lions suck! Ron sucks!


OK, I thought you were someone else then.

"Titans suck! Lions suck! Ron sucks!


Except for the "Titans suck" comment, everything else that you posted will put you in the express lane to hell! The Lions are God's team, and the Bears are Satan's team!

You are going to hell, Timmy!


Finally on this thing guys whats up?

Anybody training tonight? Maybe I will see you there.

What's up SamHoger