Finally Playing BioShock

I figured I'd pick it up since I was looking for something to play until Infamous and UFC come out later, and since it was only $30 I figured I'd pick it up.

Pretty cool so far, I just finished the first level part in the medical station.

Any tips on taking down Big Daddies? They pwn my shit hardcore lol

Great fucking game. The 2nd one looks to be epic as well. There are plenty of online guides, in fact I remember one that was ridiculously detailed and free. Google sir!

Yea, I was hoping to get to read some at work, and this is one of the few sites I can reach :(

When you get the cross bow trap bolts work great. Set a line of 5-6 down a hall, and shoot the Big Daddy and let the trap bolts do the rest.

Also, you can put mines onto objects like gas cylinders. Then use the tk power to throw the whole thing at a Big Daddy. Makes a nice bang.

If you've got no other choice but guns (no explosive tanks you can throw at him, no mines you can make him run through), load up a shotgun and get your Electricity Plasmid online.

Exploding Buck first, and then Electric Buck when you run out.

Once you get the grenade launcher w/ sticky bombs and the Telekenesis Plasmid, they'll be easy as hell to take down. Just stick a bunch of mines to an orange helium tank, grab and throw at his ass.

80% or more of his life will be gone in an instant.

Finish him off with Exploding Buck.

 The thing that makes security cameras target them works great. You can just let the drones and turrest annihilate the big daddies for you.

 I am going back through on the hardest difficulty now

Big Pun, I need to do that. The only two acheivements I haven't gotten is playing it through on the hardest difficulty, and one other I can't think of off the top of my head.

 I need to get all the audio files and do some other stuff.  I never fully upgraded all my weapons because that guy needed to die.  I did not know I could not get all my weapons upgraded if I killed him.

Any idea if on the second play through you can keep the weapon upgrades?

 I don't know since I am on a different hard drive this time.  But I doubt it.

That sucks haha - my shotgun is starting to kick all ass

 I used the pistol and telekenesis the entire time the first time.  Oh and my super bad ass grenade launcher for big daddies.  It is TOUGH starting out on hard.  They only give you the wrench and you are very weak.  After you gather some more stuff it gets alot easier

 Great game. I was gonna pass but a friend insisted I play.

"I never fully upgraded all my weapons because that guy needed to die.  I did not know I could not get all my weapons upgraded if I killed him. "

Nobody did. I happened to not kill him by chance and my friend was beyond pissed when he found out he couldnt get the final upgrade.

 Well, I got all 1k points now.  I could have had 1100, but I don't know how to turn the Vita Chambers off.  The last guy was alot harder to take down on hard as were the splicers.  On Normal, I would use telekenesis and just hurl a coprse, trashcan or something heavy at the splicers.  It was a 1 shot kill.  On hard it took 2-3 shots.  Headshots were still 1 shot kills.  I used the pistol and Crossbow mainly.  When things got chaotic I broke out the submachine gun.  I killed the Big Daddies in all sorts of fun ways this time.  Trap bolts, proximity mines, frags, heat seekers, you name it.  I would paint them with security bulleye and have the sentry cammeras knock them down to half or so.  Those guys were tough this time around.  But, now I can close the door on this title.  Can't wait for the next one

I'm finding it pretty repetitive. I just played through the Cody part


 If you took pictures of everything then hacking became way easier.  Sentries were nothing to hack, bots and turrets were automatics.  The rest I di with autohack tools ont he vending machines and even then only fromt he ones I needed something very specific from.  About halfway through the game my wallet was nearly always full.  I just bought Eve and Health hypos at full price.

Yea I have a ton of cash and everything, and I like the objectives each level has...

but goddammit... if I have to fight another splicer I will lose my shit

(just killed Ryan)

BY the time I killed Ryan I was just using auto hack tools for just about everything.