Finally, recording is going my way

For a while now I have been trying to get my keyboards, tascam, and computer to do a simple task. All I wanted to do was just play something on my keyboard and have the exact sound I play from any bank get recorded. Midi and sysex is just too hard for me to figure out at this point. So I came up with an idea that if I were to plug my keyboards' audio out into the tascam guitar in everything I play should be recorded with ease. I figured that is basically what you do with a guitar so it should work with my keyboards. Now recording is going the way I want it!!! :)


Still, its strange the midi stuff isn't working lke it should be,  you've been battling with that for a while now.

If you have time, spell out a list of exactly what you have and how its configured. Its driving me crazy and its not even my system!