Finally saw "Rise and Fall of ECW"

i started watching ECW in the spring of 95, i remember back then noone even knew what it was but I was hooked. i taped every tv show for years plus got all the commercial tapes and fan cams ect. i finally saw the dvd rise and fall and couldnt believe how great and in depth it was, it was one of the best documentary's i have ever seen. it gave me chills reliving all the great moments in ecw history

WWE has done a phenominal(sp) job on their dvds as of late. I feel that the ecw dvd was the best dvd I bought in all of 2004.(including movies) It kicks ass to sit back and re-mark out to all the characters and angles that made ECW the BEST fed in the 90's bar none!



Sorry,just remembering one of my favorite crowd chants.

"YOU F---ED UP!!! YOU F---ED UP!!! YOU F---ED UP!!!"

What matches do they show? Who do they concentrate mostly on?

concentrated mostly on the wrestlers that pushed ECW from start to finish. Dream, Taz, Austin, Sandman, Raven, Franchise, Dudleys, RVD, Sabu, Funk, Foley. Such a great DVD. My favorite part was when the Dudleys started talking shit to the crowd.

"We got a fat kid in a Hawaiian shirt. We got a lady in the front row who taught her daughter how to suck dick!" Then they proceed to spit on the lady and her daughter and throw beer on a guy.

Greatest wrestling DVD eva!

I remember the good old days of buying bootlegs of "Eastern Championship Wrestling" - and later, staying up 'til 2 AM to watch the ECW tv show on the spanish channel

Great set, wish it was longer.