Finally saw the fight Chris

I thought it was a good fight, you didnt get mauled or anything, just controlled in 1/2 guard. I think Bas was right on- you have to risk it and just keep expolding until you get out. I know you realize that and i thought you just had an off night, not outmatched.

Thanks for being so positive Aaron. I agree with you and Bas. I needed to get the fuck up.


i guess just train starting in 1/2 guard or sidemount of a stronger (and/or heavier opponent) for days on end.

you had the underhook (from 1/2 Guard) to escape/take his back but he just based-out. i am sure you know the flow chart from there- its all so clear from the sofa - lol!

I play that underhook constantly and thought for sure I was going out the back from 1/2 guard and it just wasn't happening.

Is Nick going ot win next week?

Easy to say in hindsight but when the guy starts to wizzard hard against your underhook, sometimes you can limp arm and take his back. Jake is good at this...

Nick will win man. Damn he came up fast. Robbie is a vicious puncher but on the ground I dont see him hanging. Nick has been really steping up the striking-he's lucky because Terrell and Steve Heath have the Pancrase fight coming up and Jake always trains like he has one coming up.

I think Chris Lytle outscored Lawler and Diaz beat Lytle......but none of that means jack, we'll see.

I am going tobet on him so I hope he wins.

I hope you took my advice! Nick exploited (and exploded) the hype.

Yeah he did. My brother won $300

lol! never thought i would see this day. only couture has exhibited more intelligent strategy. you know militech trained lawler for sprawl and brawl. meanwhile, Diaz boxes all day- lol!

yeah tell Nick thanks, I knew he would handle Robbie easy. I wish I had more to bet cuz I was certain he was gonna win, I just didnt quite expect that finish! He's a badass no doubt.

When we gonna see Terrell in a big show, he's a MONSTER!


Terrell murders Lindland :o)