Finally the Facebook ad algorithm works

How did zuck know I new friend? Wonder average time before user asks her to see them let out

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Let Me See Season 3 GIF by Paramount+

More data mining for the system…god people are fucking weak and pathetic.

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Laugh at it now but assuming you live a normal length life, we wil see this concept in a very realistic form down the road

I guarantee that even in this manner, if you were forced to interact with it an hour a day and then in a year you had to shoot and kill her on screen , it would cause some thoughts and distress. Now in 10-20 years when it’s a flawless looking human on VR headset it will start to make you have emotions like you’d have to a real person

Lol. This girl or whoever will casual conversation get every piece of data and lifestyle desire out of user shott of their social security number. And probably still get last 4 digits of that