Finally up to speed for Bach

Well, I finished tabbing Bach's prelude to partita no.3 a few days ago. I went through about 50 different hand positions for this one part and it all seemed hopeless. then i stumbled on a strange move (using a few open strings, then a slide from 5th fret to 13th, and a hand stretch from the 7th to 13th fret) and I was able to bring it up to the proper speed. Still have some cleaning up to do, hell it's a weird rhythm, timing and such for the speed. So I'm happy for now!

My first success at it:

Is there a tab for this piece? Ive been looking for it for a long time now. Vanessa Mae plays it and named it "Bach Street Prelude"


Blown, as I said I finished tabbing it myself. You were the guy that pointed out to me which piece it was (that Becker was playing).. so if you want, I can get a copy to you. It's in the guitarpro4 format. A few parts were just insane and I didn't know how to tab them but for the most part it's 100% smooth.

Yatsuzaki - I totally forgot about that! How funny! If you can shoot a copy to me I would really appreciate it! Did you tab it from the Becker Video or did you get the sheet music for violin?

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P.S. Do you still have the link for the becker video? My computer crashed and I lost it.

The TAB is awesome!!! Good job!

Do you still have the link to the Becker video?


Not bad, I didn't realize there was a clip of you.

Those drums kinda crack me up, it feels like your
going to break into rock&roll highschool.

hey blown383 glad you like the tab. i tried the becker link
but it's down. i think maybe you can find it on google.

dasbeav, yeah it was my first night being able to play the notes so i was pretty excited.. it's a lot cleaner now.

the drums.. i prefer playing over drums rather than over metronome, but most of the beats on this thing are indeed pretty cheesy lol

Man I trying to learn this piece but measures 19-25 are kicking my ass!! My fingers are getting numb!


yeah thats the roughest part in the piece. i re-tabbed it like 10 times. try playing with different fingerings. the part with the 13-9-7 stretch could be played with string skipping to get easier on the hands. i just suck too much to skip strings at that speed.

i'm actually starting to think of moving that whole thing up a string (so the 9-5-4 for instance would be 14-10-9).

Im still working on this piece and its still kicking my ass.... Ive resorted back to practicing the arpeggios with Serrana. =)


Hey man,
Yeah the piece is still kickin my ass too. Well, I have the song down, some parts I just end up playing faster than I'm supposed to.. but about 2/3rds through the song my fretting arm just completely dies and I need a 5-10 second break to get through it!

I can probably host an mp3 if you wanna see where I'm at in terms of playing the tab, but of course I'll use some crazy distortion to cover my fuckups haha.

I'm interested in what Serrano stuff you're working with. Maybe we have more similar interests and should email each other again.

I would definately be interested hearing where you're at with the song. Let me know!

As for Serrana...its a song by Jason Becker with some insane arpeggio sequences. Here is a clip of him playing it


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