I'm going to make my debut on June 29th at the XFL card in Grant, OK!!! SO PUMPED you can tell by my excessive exclamation point and caps use!!!! AHHHHH Phone Post


Got an opponent yet?

Not yet hope I find that out sooner rather than later Phone Post


Good luck. If I can help in any way let me know. Ill be rooting for u (unless ur fighting someone I like more than u ;-)

-OMA (tm): Phone Post

Appreciate it OMA really don't want to let you guys down working hard at it Phone Post

Good Luck man!

Much appreciated Phone Post

Marshall Cochrum is the man I'll be fighting Phone Post

He's a dead man.

Fill us in on your background and style. Have u ever wrestled? Etc etc... Phone Post 3.0

Never wrestled but I've been working BJJ and Judo for about 6 years now with kickboxing for about 4 Phone Post

No one in the history of mankind has ever been beaten up by anyone named Marshall. Kick his ass Seebass!

Eminems ex wife. Phone Post 3.0

Bahaha Phone Post

According to jamo he's a pretty cool guy 6'9 is pretty tall Phone Post

WARWAGON!!! Phone Post

6'9? What weight is the fight?

Hw he weighs between 230-240 Phone Post