The mats for the school have been ordered...and should be in within the next 12 days...They have a 1 3/8" thick cross linked polyethylene foam...and will be covered with RED 18 ounce vinyl coated nylon.  We are using the same Nylon on the Boxing ring...


Once it is all finished, we will have:


* 1,300 SQ feet of Matt space

* Boxing Ring

* 3 heavy Bags

* 2 Thai bags

* Climbing Rope

* Thai Boxing & MMA Training equipment

* Dressing room


You guys have NO CLUE how happy I am to finally have a school that I can walk into and say, "This looks very professional!", if I could just get some decent instructors... hmmmm! :D


I will post photos once we get it all set up...Too bad it wont be done in time for Jorge's class on Tuesday!


Dustin Ware

Team Jorge Gurgel

i'm very happy for your continued success with your gym Dustin