FInals picks?

I'll say Cote vs. Drago and..

Serra vs. Thomas

It all depends on the matchups however so these guys may see each other before the finals. What do you think? It would be an interesting thing if my ww prediction came true, it'd be two guys who can fight at 155 beating legit wws.

Where are the spoilers? This is the only mma board i go to and i haven't seen them here yet...

DId he say he was giving spoilers? Or did he just come out with it?

What a Dick move....... How does that help him????? I know the UFC and them have had their problems....but fuc* take the high road sometimes man

sapp vs bam bam bigelow

go find it at sherdog archives

Come on, can't slam sherdog for announcing the spoiler. They gave people plenty of time to turn the show off. If you didn't then that is your fault! The rest of the people that don't mind the spoilers got the news. That's a jounalist job, to report the news.