finaly got my tat!!

Damn that kinda hurt well in some places anyway, like the back of the tricep and the front of the shoulder.

2 hours in the chair and it's all done I will take some pics later and put up the links.

The guy who did them is Named Dairn Clarke they call him Red. Cool guy and he did a great job I think.

He was running Danny Fowler's place and then ran his own shop in houston for a while.


Looks good Doug! I will make sure and punch you in the arm when I see you at the tournament next weekend.

just kidding.


LOL well it should be much better by then.
It does burn a little rightnow.

Looks good!

Thanks IM.

I have a question about the healing time because this seems to be healing realy fast.
Almost no blood when I got it done and it only weeped the first night. I dont ever see any scabbing or anything feels a bit like a light sunburn but thats it.

the way it looks in that photo is how it looks now and that was taken the night I got it.

looks good!

Thanks i am getting lots of positive feed back on it.

Of course at my birthday party this weekend I had like 4 people asking why I didnt tell them I was going because they would have went with me and gotten one.

Riiiiight most of them have been saying they were going to get one for a year now like me but every time I tried to tie them down to a date they had soem reason they could not go.

I told them look you guys just keep talking about it and I will go and do it.

looks good

I've been meaning to ask you this. Why is your name Princess Bubble Yum? LOL

LOL well once uppon a time I put my screen name up for sale allowing anyone who wanted to buy me a pro membership to choose my name.

Hoodwinked paid for it and gave me this name.

I am aka Popeye and Rocky Fiegel

thing has totaly healed never any scabs or flakes nothing.