Finding a Mentor?

I see/hear a lot of people recommend finding a mentor/instructor/etc...but how does a person go about finding someone?

For instance, if I worked at Wal-Mart, but want to get into Real Estate, how would I find a mentor?

Or, if I work the counter at McDonalds but I want to start trading stocks, I assume most people at McDonalds dont day trade.


Family and friends.

Look around you and see if someone you know has the kind of life that you want. Offer to intern for free for a day once a week in exchange for learning through his experience.

From there use the "6 degrees of seperation from Kevin Bacon" ... or something like that. Pinpoint what you want to be mentored in and ask friends and family if they know anyone who's qualified.


Great advice!

I am interested in becoming a lawyer. I called one of the best lawyers in my city and asked them if that lawyer had any big cases coming up so I could watch him in court. I want to learn from the best!

His office was really cool about it and now they call me when he has court dates.

Gordon is right... it's amazing how most successfull people will take the time to help you out if you are sincere and have a desire to succeed.

Try to get one that was portrayed in film by the incomparable Sean Connery.