Finger lakes wine tours - TME

I wanted to take the mrs on a weekend trip to Finger lakes ny (my God this is gonna backfire on the og), any recommendations where to stay?

Was thinking of going for a Shor weekend, overnight (Saturday and Sunday ) end of august...9 yr anniversary.

We ate wrapping up a one week stay in savannah / tybee island now with the little one...awesome trip.

Thanks for future advice and vus to come :) Phone Post 3.0

TTT Phone Post 3.0


Riesling is king there, they are excellent.

These are my favorite producers:

They would be my first stops.

Also look for Marquette. The last few years we got some of the first reserve releases from mature vines. The grape is a hybrid that is very cold hardy and grows exceptionally well in the fingerlakes and areas around Lake Champlaine.

Definitely seek it out. It is red, ruby in color, has notes of black cherry and black pepper. It is remeniscint of Pinot Noir and Frontenac.

Enjoy your trip man!

Thanks for the advice friend. Any recommended bed and breakfasts to stay near those areas? Phone Post 3.0