Finish from the gi!!

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Any tips to finish someone from the back (mata leao)??
Very often, I get my opponent's back but can't finish the mata leao. We have the same height but he has 100lbs on me. I can get one arm around his neck and I grab his shoulder. The other hand tries to lift his head up. But that's where I'm stuck....Help bros.

I like to get to the side, put my knee in under his stomach, control his wrist with one hand and trap his arm wit my leg then choke him.

do you know how hard it is to do a body triangle when your inseam is a mere 29 inches?

the vertically challenged


Sink the boots, lean back, and do a rear naked choke

garcia tapes. the way he takes the back (over/under) sets up the choke SO easily, whether you have the hooks or not. If you really want, I can try to explain in this thread, but, I'd recommend getting those tapes. I watch them three times a week, easy. Not out of discipline, just 'cause there's SO MUCH there.


bonton2 can you explain a bit about his tactics?

He is turtled- Get to one side parallel to him feeding the near arm around the neck and toward his near arm pit. Take your far arm under his near arm pit and grip your other wrist guilitine style. Drop your head down to block his shoulder and roll forward and away from him rolling him on to his head and over you. You will end up on your side and behind him and he will be on his back. Go to your knees facing him and apply the combo neck crank/choke from here.

Where can we get his tapes from?
what site?


If you post in the bjj forum, you may be able to get a better price from paul viele. not sure.

well, there's how he TAKES the back and how he HOLDS the back and how he finishes from it. All are AMAZING.

We're normally taught to get the hooks in, 'cause that way if he rolls, we can follow him. However, unless we get the handlebars on his forearms, he can simply turn into us and get into our guard/get mounted by us. Not bad for us, but we want to keep the back.

The position: the inside of your right elbow is tucked tight into the right side of his neck (your right arm is going over his right shoulder). This allows your right forearm to stay tight to his chest, so there's no space there. If the inside of the elbow is at a different point, there will be space. Visualize/try it and you'll see. Your left arm is under his left armpit, your left hand grabbing your right wrist. If you're loose with it, the guy can escape, so you want to suck your arms in kind of like a guillotine, but you tuck your elbows inwards (towards each other) so there's no space. Even without the hooks, if you keep this grip tight, you'll be able to follow them no matter what (note: if he have this grip, but he COMPLETELY gets you off his back, there is a (BRILLIANT!) technique to get it back, but just so you don't think that that's a way to defeat this control).

The finish: Now... why do so many people have trouble finishing from the back? (I used to avoid taking the back 'cause i knew it would only lead to the frustration of being there but not being able to tap a good opponent.) It's because of how they control. Think about it. If you have the handlebars, you've got a lot of steps to go through before you can choke - release one of his arms, get that arm over his corresponding shoulder, slide the arm in for the choke". Basically, he can see it coming. He's defending before we even start. With the control described above, your arm (right, in this case) is ALREADY over his shoulder, and if you're tight, he can't get an arm in between your right forearm and his body. All you have to do is jam your right arm into his neck, cupping his left shoulder (almost digging in with your fingers, to make sure that, while you can't choke yet, the hand has something sturdy to keep it in place, should he try to remove it). That's a SMALL movement, and gives you the hardest part of the choke (getting the choking arm in place) right away. The big movement is taking your left arm out and bringing IT over his shoulderer/to your right hand to finish the choke. The big movement happens after the hard part is over.

As for how he TAKES the back... so many ways. Too many to go into, and I'm supposed to be working right now. But, if you practice this control, get comfortable with it, you'll see SOOOOOOO many more opportunities to take the back.

Let me know if this was clear, and if so, how it works for you.


If opponnent is in the turtle and you are on the side and have his back,you can say screw the choke because he might just be exellent at defending it,By just grabbing his foot and trusting his body on an angle you can get a nice stoppertoehold and if he is really squimy you can stand up and finish him with it.You can see sakuraba use this on his highlight reel.

I followed the link, but I admit to being confused, which video are we talking about?


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bro, manta leon is a choke from the from, I think you are talking about the rear naked choke.


Use a crossface. If the opponent does not tap, you can certainly use the move to open him up to a choke.