Finished Documentary - Questions?

Hey dudes,

I finally finished my short documentary on crazy karate kid fans.

Check out the trailer here if you'd like...

The final film is 27 minutes of macchio goodness. I'm actually very
happy with how it's turned out and psyched that I didn't quit on this

If any NYC OG'ers (Lynn, Knee?) want to come to the premiere party,
I'd love to have you guys. We're doing it at the Culture Club.

Screening wise it's not the best venue, but party wise it'll be great. For
God's sake they have a Delorian on stilts over the bar, what could be
better? Shoot me an email or a message on myspace and I'll send you
the evite.

Also, do any of you have any ideas/recommendations on the best way
to produce around 100 DVD copies of a DVD with an image/titles
printed onto the disc? I don't want to do the stick on labels as they
mess up some DVD players.

Looks pretty interesting, congrads on finishing your documentary.

BPD LimeBelt

damn i don't know how i missed this thread.

if the screening hasn't happened yet, please post when it's going down. i
live a few blocks from the venue.

also, check out for your dvd question.

Did you use any outside music? It's expen$ive!

And, where did you get your release forms for people shot on camera?

The only music that's costing me money is the festival rights for "You're
the Best" by Joe Esposito. The rest of the music is from up and coming
bands that are letting me use it in the fests for free.

I just copied a release form from a film I worked on and adapted it for the

Thats great man, what a wierd subject! When I was around 10 I had a
white belt in Shotokan and a t-shirt that said Karate Kid across the front.
Nobody fucked with me when I had that shirt on, haha.