Finishing fights should be requirmnt for LB 4 LB !

Getting tired of seeing GSP near the top of LB 4 LB list...It should be a general requirement for mma writers and fans to acknowledge dominant fighters as those who stop their opponents..gsp cant finish a fight to save his life.. he has not finished anyone decisively in years.. the BJ fight only ended in tko because penn was just tired and exhausted its not like gsp was pounding him till the ref stopped it.. GSP should not be getting LB 4 LB consideration ..guy couldnt finish a one dimensional fighter with one eye !!

imo GSP is not a LB 4 LB fighter he does not have the abilities/mental capability to finish a fight !! That should be a requirement! all other champs do it ! why do we give gsp a free pass ?!?!

LB 4 LB. What's the deal with that? What is wrong with p4p?

I need to know.

Aggression should be a factor in looking at who is the best pound 4 pound fighters.

Oh yeah?

If a fight goes the distance, aggression doesn't decide who the winner is (well, sometimes it does, but this whole forum explodes in outrage when that happens).

If aggression doesn't determine who is the best in a single fight, why the fuck should it determine who is the best overall?

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Aggression matters because it often shows a guy that is taking risks to finish a fight. That's why so many of us loved watching Fedor fight because he took risks to finish fights. That's why I love watching Shogun fight and that's why I loved watching the old style GSP and Anderson fight. That's why everybody loved watching prime Tyson fight and why everyone loves watching Pacman fight now. They take risks to finish the fight.
You do know that Pacman has won back to back decisions right.  Did anyone say that he is a shitty fighter, or doesnt deserve his p4p rating?  Such a stupid arguement.  

Honest question:  What is more impressive - getting your ass kicked for 4.5 rounds and hitting a sub or absolutely destroying and punishing your opponent for 5 rounds?


Since #4# is imaginary, there are therefore...

Edokaz248 - pacman moves up in weight GSP moves down

awful comparison
I am not taking anything away from Pacquiao.  I think he is amazing and I love watching him fight.  

But by this token, would you be impressed and think that GSP was better p4p if he moved up and beat guys like Bisping, Maia and Sonnen?  Would that make this a better comparison?


Can everyone just shut the fuck up about this p4p shit? NO ONE IS MAKING ANY PROGRESS ON IT. Everyone is just arguing over something that can't even be defined in a set manner. p4p ratings are the biggest bullshit in combat sports.

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You are comparing apples to oranges. Why not compare both fighters low points?

What is worse, getting beat up for 4.5 rounds and then pulling off a sub

Or getting dropped by a LW fighter and then tapping to strikes?

You are comparing the low for Anderson to a high for GSP. Way to be objective
No I am comparing recent fights.  I didnt bring up Chonan.  Those are the results of their last two fights, which I believe is pretty objective.  

I am also not trying to make Silva sound bad, or take anything away from him.  He is also an amazing fighter, I just dont get why GSP dominating in his fights is less impressive than when other fighters do it. 


These butt hurt anti-GSP fans are definitely pound for pound the dumbest trolls ever.  Congratulations.

Please finish yourself and let's make this official.

Shogun isnt even close to cleaing out the div like GSP though.

Yes, he has finishing ability over GSP but not divisional dominance yet.

GSPs position in the p4p rankings is legit. Punctuating a victory by finishing is impressive but so is thoroughly dominating your opponent for the entire duration of the fight.

GSP does finish fights. He dominates until the contest is over. At the end of the contest he is undoubtedly the winner. There is no doubting it. i could see you making this arguement if he was barely eeking out decisions but that is not the case. No has done anything to make GSP seem less than great.

Im sorry you dont like it.