Finishing from mount nogi

When a guy just will not give up an arm? In the gi I am pretty good at switching off between his arm and his collar until something loosens up, but no gi I get stuck here the guy will just t-rex his arms and I cant isolate one.

Anyone have any tricks they care to share?

go to a high mount, heard it called s-mount. Work far arm and hope the near arm pops up. If their arms are real close to there head, shot your arm under ther neck and grab the wrist. Use this to take their back

Rape choke....seriously

^surprisingly good video on 'non-consensual neck control.'

also, to attack the t-rex, go both hands on one wrist and press it like you're either going for an americana or the giftwrap control. their elbow will almost surely lift if you give a good push. when the elbow moves away from their body, drive your hip against it and use your bodyweight to lever the arm where you need it. then rip it off with your favorite cool guy technique.

Here is my A-Game from the Mount.

Take care

 S mount, switch between armbar, triangle, kimura. 

ROFL @ "non-consensual neck control"

the trick is actually getting to the s-mount when he keeps his elbows tight and his chin tucked. i have been having success with aggressively attacking the neck with a forearm choke to open the elbows then advancing the knees, and also with swimming a nearside overhook as shown in eddie bravo's twister book.

 I don't mind going for the mounted triangle. Worst that happens is you end up in side control.

Thanks guys. I am pretty good at staying on top and making the guy miserable, but was having a hrad time getting the finish.

I have the same issues. I'll use a baseball bat choke variation works about 99 percent of the time. Phone Post

leo viera rape choke.

or ( got this from rob kahn a loooong time ago as he was very good at it ):
1. Assume you want their right arm. With your right arm, grab back of their head w/ both arms and can opener that shit until they ease up on their frame w/ their arms. all the while you're swiveling towards s-mount trying to get under their right shoulder/arm.

2. literally try and pull their head onto your crotch/lap while s-mounting...

as far as the rape choke. same principle as what is shown here at 17:30... basically apply the "rape" choke hand and use other arm/hand to pull their head upwards towards you when in mount.

as they struggle to stop the choke on the trachea their arm gets loose. switch to the rob kahn approach i said and s-mount.

T-rex sets up a good head and arm triangle for you. Phone Post

Naked ozikial... (don't know about spelling) Phone Post


Cheers empire Phone Post

jmil147 - <p>Rape choke....seriously</p>

I second the rape/Copacabana/Darth Vader choke.

Also, when an opponent keeps his arms super tight and won't give up head control that easily, I like to dismount by pinning his hand and swinging a leg over to side control. Usually guys will turn in during the transition, which allows me either to attack with a brabo choke or do a Cobrinha style spin-behind to the seatbelt/Kimura. If the guy is very hip to this and does nothing as I dismount, staying flat with arms tight, there's not much preventing me from just swinging the leg back over to mount or a mounted triangle again.

Arm Triangle / Bent Armlock are the easiest Submission to do from Mount. I never go high mountusually always low mount with lots of PRESSURE which is the key in my opinion.