Finishing RNC w/chin tucked?

Alright, I have a question. If you have someone in a rear naked choke, but not around their neck (their chin is tucked, so its around their jaw). Can you finish it that way; I mean, so they would pass out.

If so, how? Thanks.

Marcello Garcia covers this really well in his dvd set. I will try to explain
but it wouldnt be the same definitly get the dvd.

He takes hand around neck and hugs opponents shoulder then yanks
his head up with other hand then sinks choke deeper and applys choke

Go for the smother.

Ok since no one has answered your question... if you apply the choke tight enough around the sides of the neck you should usually be able to put your opponent to sleep even if he tucks his chin. This is not always applicable with NHB gloves on.

reajust, run the blade of your forearm in between the nose and the teeth, pushing the head to the side, and go for the neck crank.

yeah, not exactly RNC, but I would go with the neck crank too.

crank his neck to the left or right if he's tucking it. or do it like BJ, punch him in the head 3 or 4 times, then slip it in there while he's distracted.

crush the face theyll eitehr tap ..lift their chin... or get their jaw/teeth broken... or any combo of both... if im not mistaken when useless tappen jonny rameriez his teeth broke b4 he tapped

OK, I was just wondering if its possible for them to pass out even if they have their chin tucked. I know you can do the cranks and jaw locks or w/e.

Can someone explain the teeth-break? You use the blade
of your forearm to put pressure on the top teeth?

neck crank

Crossface him really hard to one side, that tends to make people jerk up or to the side enough to get under the chin.

Some people have a really sensitive pressure point right between their upper lip and their nose. Put the ridge of your hand under their nose and pull up hard. That works with some people more than others, and can be avoided by turning your face, although that opens up the crossface approach again.

I saw the neck squeeze make a guy nearly pass out once, and I've seen numerous taps from it, so that can work.

Brace their head with one arm and use the ridge of your hand to pull their jaw to the right or left. While it's crude, it usually elicits someone jerking toward or away from the pressure so you can sneak in a choke.