Finley back in Arizona tonight

I'm sure most of the fans will give him a huge round of applause when he comes up to bat.

He got a nice greeting, nothing near the fans in LA when LoDuca returned but it was still pretty good. lol, Randy Johnson wasn't too nice though. Struck out the side to start the game off, old badass.

I figured it would have been a bigger greeting. Last time the Dodgers were in arizona (I think about 5 weeks ago), there were more fans cheering for them than
the D-backs.

5 strikeouts through 2 innings lol

I actually just found out that Jeff Weaver and I went to the same high school (simi valley high) and graduated the same year, '94. Small world.

Yeah, I really thought that he'd have gotten more from them.

And yeah again, Johnson is on fire.

That's pretty cool about you and Weaver being from the same gay school. ;))

lol, Beltre's over the shoulder catch was fucking SICK!!!! That's why I can't give up on him being an MVP, Bonds defense isn't nearly as good. Different position I know, but still, Bonds is a slacker in the outfield.

watch you mouf call school cool! (?? i need to stay off the pipe)

Beltre is the man, even the arizona announcers said they would both pick beltre over bonds for MVP seeing what Belly has done for the team.

lol @ the school cool comment

What are you watching it on that you get the Arizona commentary??

And LOL @ Brito!!!!!! Struck out looking on 3 pitches by Weaver. hahaha, I don't know about the first pitch though. Still, it was great. :)

LET'S GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm watching on fox sports net arizona. for some reason fox sports west 2 doesn't come in on dishnetwork for me.

This is lookin to be quite a pitchers duel, let's do this thang, Weaver!!!

FUCK YEAH!!!! Finley with the dinger!!!

that was titties!!! BOOYAH!

Fuckin doofus Weaver!!! Damn, stop at first you slug. lol, now he's gotta go from trying to stretch a hit straight into pitching in the late innings. This has been a great pitchers duel even though Randy is going crazy with the strikeouts.

DAMNIT!!! 1-1 going into the 9th. Oh well, I'm almost happy for Johnson that he's not gonna get a loss after such a stellar performance.

Damn, that ump hooked Brazoban up with a nice gargantuan strike zone. lol, hopefully he doesn't give AZ the same zone. :)

Fuck, that was way too quick.

Finley = P I M P beauty of a double, eh?

Beltre 0 for 6??

Arizona's scrub reliever GAVE that game away, lol. I watched 4 at bats (Cora, Mayne, Choi, Izturis), he went to at least a 3-ball count on ALL of them.

hahaha, Finley's the man, and yeah it was an oooogly inning for that dude. :)

In Arizona there were lots of Dodger fans before we had a team, my family included. We support both teams now, but I think that LA still gets a lot of fans in AZ.

That explains a lot.