Fios dvr app hasnt updated speed to fs1

Thus, I cannot set up my DVR recording for the fights. Any ideas. Phone Post

Cant you do a manual recording on the channel?  Set the channel, set the time 6pm est to 12am and record it.  I assume you can do that on Fios and Dish and DTV since you can do it on Comcast.

Not on the mobile app as far as I can tell. I'm out of town for the weekend Phone Post

We have Dish and I just started a thread. The guide won't update until Wednesday and they instructed me to record everything on 150/speed from 8:00 PM Central to midnight. Phone Post 3.0

And you can do that on the app. Phone Post 3.0

Just tell it to record whatever is on speed at that time Phone Post 3.0

All it gives me is an option to record a show or series. Ever time I try I get error messages. Works on other channels Phone Post

I have Fios, all you have to do is hit menu, go to settings I think it was and then customer service on your box and there is a RESET STB option. This will reboot your box and update speed to Fox Sports 1 and will have the correct channel logo and the guide will be updated. Phone Post 3.0

Bummer, I woke up to set the DVR and nothing was there but when I checked again around noon it was showing so keep checking it might come through. Phone Post 3.0

I had to do this myself this morning as well cause it was still the speed channel with all the wrong programming listed. Once I did the STB reboot it updated my box. Phone Post 3.0

Time Warner is the same.

Mine has been recording since 5 EST, I'm just letting people know it's the same on Time Warner. You just have to record it manually.

For Fios find the option for resetting your STB under settings on your cable box via the menu botton, fixes the problem with fios. <img src="/images/phone/apple.png" alt="Phone Post 3.0" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

Called FiOS service and had them reboot my box for me. Trouble is the app won't update to let me set the recording. Deleted and.reinstalled and everything. No bueno. Oh well Phone Post

Northern vs. I'm sure my box is good but the android FiOS app still shows the channel as speed and won't let me record shows during the time slot Phone Post

Northern va Phone Post