Fire breads fire..

First let me say that I'm not experienced in confrontations - and pretty happy about it.

Still I found I had to sit down and figure out why confrontations scare me. Why I hesitate for faar to long to take action when called for. I know I'm a fairly skilled figther and properly would do quiet well if things went down for real. However what if my opponet were to beat me, wouldn't my figthing back make him punish me even more than if I had perhaps not done anything?

Fire breads fire and I think my fear is that instead of just taking one shoot and then over. I would have a lot more comming when lying down unconscious. Is it really smart to feed my opponets rage even further?

I know that defence will only get me so faar. So I can see the problem from a logical perspective. But one tents to loose this logic when pumped up on adrenalin..

Any thoughts or/and advise on this problem?


If you are ready to become a serious student of self-defense, want to learn how to manage fear and learn how to fight back, I strongly advise you to spend a few bucks on Tony's Cerebral Self Defense audio, which you can order at

What you will receive is a seminar on tape that will cover all the questions you have asked and a whole lot more.

It's true that fire breeds fire. But in our system we never fight until it's time to fight. If possible we try to verbally de-escalate and bring the conflict to resolution without violence. (fighting fire with water)

Here is a mental tool Tony calls a "Directive", which helps us to focus and sets the psychological arsenal in gear:

"When faced with the threat of attack, I will do what I can to avoid the confrontation with as little violence occurring to both myself and my attacker."

The tape will take you through some vital concepts like The Wish List, The Be Your Own Bodyguard Principle, the S.O.S Strategy, The Golden Rules of Combat and F.E.A.R management principles that will guide you and help you fuel your own 'fire' psychologically, emotionally and physically when "Fit hits the Shan."

I could attempt to answer your question by pointing out that you are intimidating yourself in your visualizations and that, according to what you have written, you Expect to fail. (False Expectations Appearing Real) That has to change.

We could go back and forth on the forum, but I sincerely believe your best bet would be to obtain the Cerebral Self Defense audio as a starting point.

If you listen and absorb the information, you will realize that you already have everything you need to defend yourself right now; you just need to see it for yourself.

Hope that helps.

Mike Suyematsu/PDR Coach