I don't know much about Yoga, but I can share my understanding and experience in ROSS with you.

Energy management, which coralates with stamina and endurance, is directly related to respiratory effeciency. The ROSS breathing exercises, collectively known as Dykhaniye, aim to re-educate the individual on how to breath more effeciently and naturaly so as to optimize the bioenergy reserve and to normalize state during or after extreme exhertion.

Through fear-reactivity, we have developed unnatural habits that inhibit our respiration causing the deterioration of our natural state (structure, movement, and respiration). Dykhaniye is not so much methods of breathing as it is breathing drills intended to liberate the practitioner from destructive habits (such as breath retention). As we rediscover our natural breathing patterns, we become more capable of remaing relaxed and calm under stressors, more energetic during activity, and more able to experience freedom in movement.

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Doug Rowell

From what I understand it is a breathing exercise that improves your stamina, much like Dykhaniye. Fighters like Yuki Kondo and Rickson Gracie have apparently used it successfully.

Thanks, that's probably it.

I've recently heard a few MMA-fighters mention a yoga-exercise named "fire-breathing" that apparently has improved their endurance greatly. Does anyone here know whether this exercise is similar to ROSS' Dykhaniye discipline?


I am currently working on getting the info you seek, until then here is a link to give you some detailed info about Dykhaniye.


It explains in excruciating detail this subject matter.

Dani'l Chomycia

Thanks DC8BALL. I actually own (and practice) the Dykhaniye tape, I'm just curious if this Yoga discipline is similar.

Might you be refering to Pavel's "Bending Fire" exercise? If so, and if my memory is working right) it relates to abs primarily, but it also involves some impressive work with the breath. E.g. Pavel inflates and explodes a water bottle using the technique, if it's the one I remember. As near as I can tell--I haven't done it, but I've read discussions of it--it doesn't seem to be related to dykhanye.


I don't know if this is what you're referring to, but in yoga the breath of fire is a series of short quick breaths through the nose. During the exercise you focus you breathing on your navel. It's supposed to be very cleansing.

oblong> That could well be what they meant. Also, it sounds a bit like dog-breathing in Dykhaniye, so I guess there are similarities.

This site has a very good explanation of the Breath of fire, as well as other breathing methods from Kundalini yoga.


Thanx for the info guys.