Fire Insurance Hypothetical

If i went out to my garage and was smoking a cigar, say.  And then I threw the cigar on the floor and went inside, not knowing I just started a fire.  Let's also say the whole house burnt down.  What then?



Is that typically covered under your homeowner's insurance?  I mean I would have caused it, but it was an accident.



anyone know?

Insurance will find one way or another to not pay for it.

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Total bullshit answers.  Unless they could prove you did it on purpose, that would absolutely be covered.  I've paid out on claims for that exact scenario many times.  We've paid out on way dumber ones, like someone dropping a bowling ball on their floor.  It cracked a tile, the tile ran continuous throughout the house, so we paid $20k+ because we couldn't maintain a "reasonably uniform appearance" by just replacing the one tile.

It is a scam common in south Florida.  We pay and you don't even have to get the repair done.  You replace that one tile yourself and keep the rest.  Of course, if you ever have another claim they aren't going to pay for the flooring again.

It's rare to see that kind of scam, but in areas where it becomes common, insurance companies drive up rates and treat their customers much worse.  I'd say Florida is the worst place for insurance companies and customers.  Both sides are used to trying to fuck the other.  


But in general, I'd say property insurance is very straight-forward and fraud is rare.  Most companies will treat you very well, assuming you understand what your policy covers in the first place.

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