Firearms Training...

DVD has been changed. Lot's of work.

The FIRE POWER DVD has now been remastered and put
onto two DVDs. It is fully chaptered (21 chapters). They are:

There are detailed explanations and demonstrations in each
of the twenty one chapters on two DVDs:

1. Safety

2. Manipulations

3. Loading and Unloading

4. Ready Positions

5. Marksmanship

6. Movement

7. Halls and Corners

8. Cover and Concealment

9. Fighting Positions

10. Malfunctions

11. Capture

12. Using Light

13. Caliber and Weapon Size

14. Shotgun Basics

15. Shotgun Handling

16. Shotgun Marksmanship

17. Shotgun Loads

18. Moving With A Shotgun

19. Shotgun Cover and Concealment

20. Striking With A Shotgun

21. Force on Force Scenarios

There is more info at:


Hey Demi,
What kind of methodology to you follow? Did you train at Gun Site or Thunderanch?


I trained a number of full courses at TACFIRE in Ventura Ca.
After that I also did a week of training with Simunition LTD at
the Huntington Beach Ca Police Dept.

The real work started after all that...

We trained basic drills at my facility, Simunition scenarios
and live fire on the range 3-4 hours a week, every week, for 2
years. Each of us went through about 800 - 1000 rounds of
handgun and 300 - 400 rounds of shoutgun a month. The
focus has been:

1. Making untrained individuals safe.

2. Getting experienced individuals out of range mode and
into "self preservation" mode.

3. Taking "shooters" into fight with a gun scenarios to create
an understanding of combat vs shooting.

We absorbed what was usefull, rejected what was useless
and added usefull elments from previous/other training.

It's now a year later and our firearms programs are fully
solidified. I just had a gentleman fly in from Philly and do
firearms this past weekend. He loved the training.

The DVD is a compliation of all the above, broken down into
easy to swallow caplets.


Sounds good Demi,

Even Ayoob quotes Bruce in StressFire ...

"...(Bruce's) doctrine follows the pistol. He taught us that the art must not form the man, but that the man must adapt the art to his own ability to function in the moment of truth."

I'll have to get a copy of that DVD bro! :-)