Fired up for IMPACT tonight.

Expecting them to fuck up, but I still wanna see it. I'm agreeing with ArtV lately, as well.

ArtV and xshanex on the same day, no less.

Did they show Kevin Nash's shoot?  How bad was chris sabin's bump?

In actuality, Sabin's bump didn't at first look that bad. I've seen more dramatic looking "holy shit" bumps where the guy got up and finished the match. I think that what caused it to be so serious was that Sabin's head looked like it wasn't clear of Bubba's shoulder. So, when Bubba dropped drop in the Rock Bottom like maneuver, his weight was driven into Sabin's head, and Sabin couldn't protect his noggin the way he should.

And no, they didn't show Nash's shoot.

 thanks for the info.

I was disappointed with the Hogan thing.

It wasn't a bad show, but not even having on the show was fucking lame.

 yep they record two shows a week.