Firing someone at 3pm...

AnthonyWeiner - Guess where I am right now? At my hotel, where I definitely stopped working two weeks ago. One of the long-time front desk agents quit two nights ago, and my replacement (the new assistant general manager) quit yesterday at 4pm. So I'm back at a hotel where I'm definitely not employed, covering a shift.

You know what that means? I AM THROWING MOTHERFUCKERS OUT.

I kicked out a guy and his hood rat girlfriend at 11 a.m. today, on day two of a five-night stay, for smoking weed in the room. Housekeeping informed me, and when I called the guy, he said, “Nobody is smoking up here.” So I said I’m come check, just to make sure. I take the elevator up to his floor, and when the doors open the entire floor smells like weed. I’m walking down the hall to his room, the smell of weed is getting stronger, and when I knock they take like two minutes to answer. I can hear them spraying air freshener, and then the guy opens the door, like, “Hey!”

The room has a fucking CLOUD in it. Like hard to see the windows. The smell of weed is crazy, mixed with Lysol. I took a female laundry attendant with me, to be a witness, and she was laughing as soon as the door opened. Just a ridiculous situation. I’m like, “Hey man, you’ve got to go.” He insists that they aren’t smoking, that the smell is Lysol. I say, “The smell is weed and a little bit of Lysol, don’t try this routine.” I point out that there’s a cloud in the room, and his girl says, “Oh, that’s from the shower, I just got out.”

I couldn’t help it, just straight-up laughed. My housekeeper was laughing, too. I told the guy it was a little after 11, I expected them to be out by 12. He starts getting super aggressive, puffing his chest, fists balled, “I ain’t going nowhere til I get my money,” blah blah. I told him that was between him and the company he paid (Travelocity), but that if the room was still occupied at noon, it’d be a police matter. I don’t work here, I don’t have time for this shit.

I started to walk away, and he was still yelling at me. I guess his girlfriend talked some sense into him, because I saw them go out the back on our security cams around 11:45. I get a call from Travelocity a little while later, inquiring about a rebate. I authorize $36 and some change, with the remaining $200 to cover the smoking fee. The Travelocity rep totally gets it, no drama, and we terminate the call.

Naturally, the guy called here about an hour ago, threatening to call the police, as I stole from him. I say, “Dude, go ahead. I’d love to talk to them.” So then he transitioned to “Imma come over there and beat yo ass.” LOL.

Anyways, I’m about to complete the eviction of another guest, a hooker who got into a fight with her pimp around 9 a.m.

Fun times.

Good shit. 

But cant be too bad of a hotel if you evict people for pot. 

been off the forums for quite a while, this has been a helluva catch up

@AnthonyWeiner How is the new job?

Did we ever get the field in which you changed to OP? Not closely related to the hospitality market correct?

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did you take the wyndham offer op?


Whilst I sincerely hope that you got the job you wanted to get OP, part of me would love for this thread to continue!

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