First Born

the fiance and i are expecting our first, a girl. i was thinking of getting a copy of her hand/foot print from the hospital and getting it tattooed on my chest over my heart. anyone ever hear of this? as soon as she told me she was pregnant, i thought of it.

Cool idea. I have 5 kids so imagine what i'd look like with all those hand and footprints.

Wow, what a great idea! My little boy Connor was born last week, and I waqs going to get his name, but you may have inspired me to be an individual by going with your idea!

Congrats by the way. Its the most awesome feeling meeting him/her for the first time :o)

thanks gumby, i am looking forward to it

My cuz did this. Took the footprint but had it tatooed on his back with the baby's name and birthdate above it. I like the idea of over the heart. Thats cool.

I think someone had that done on an episode of Miami Ink..and it looked amazing.

It was done on Miami Ink.  That was a great episode and I thought it was an idea worth stealing. 

You should definately do it.  And post pics when you get it done.  

i'll "steal" it for sure, though i did not see that episode.

I do a lot of these. I have my kids prints on me. I've done hand prints also.

I think its pretty cool, b/c you can get every little line in there and make it look just like the print.

Hey Mario,

Can you post any pics of 'Prints' you've done?  That would be cool to see.