First Broken Nose

Well, I just received my first broken nose in my victory Thursday night in King of the Cage against Don Rocco. It's not so bad, but I hear it can be miserable if they have to re-break it.

Anyone have some experience having it re-broken?

I might have some pics up later, with tampons up my nose (wouldn't stop bleeding at all)......maybe there is a sponsor out there, OB, Kotex, etc? Ha ha.

Anyways, I also wanted to say thanks to my family, friends, teammates at NCFC, sponsors, especially Hit2Hurt and the UG for all my MMA info. Thanks.

Awesome Rich! congrats on the win AND your 1st broken nose.

welcome to manhood.

Congrats on the win.

It depends on your definition of broken, but I've broken my nose over 20 times throughout my life in various sports.  Twice I broke it so badly that the tip of my nose was almost touching my cheek (think Franklin x Silva 1) so I eventually had to have it rebroken to correct.

It might have been because the doctor insisted before the surgery that it was going to be a "walk in the park", but it actually sucked quite a bit.  I also have a bad reaction to anesthetic, but I woke up talking some terrible shit to the nurses because my head felt like it was going to explode.  I had so much gauze in my nose and blood and big chunks of blood going down my throat that I couldn't breathe.

I've never been able to breathe right since that surgery, and I suspect I still have a deviated septum although I've had my nose rearranged a couple of times since then on the basketball court.  It's really not that bad, but prepare to be fairly uncomfortable for several days.


"Twice I broke it so badly that the tip of my nose was almost touching my cheek (think Franklin x Silva 1) so I eventually had to have it rebroken to correct."

That made me want to vomit. Even if I had all the skills to fight mma I wouldn't because of the nose. Fuck that.

I had the misfortune of getting mine broken playing basketball in the driveway. After getting it reset I came home and either that day or the next was watching others play basketball in my driveway when a loose ball hit me in the face and rearranged it again for me. Not fun.


Congrats on your win Rich! I heard you did REALLY well!!! Sorry to hear
about the nose though.... Ask Little Nick about it...

consider it a rite of passage

congrats on the win from me & Skip

definitely post pics.  later, ma

Sorry Doolin , Protect thy Face !

I had mine broken and it had caused some pretty bad sinus problems, i got it re-set and it has been somewhat better. Id definately recommend the surgery.

Congrats man, Gave Big Don His 1st Loss. Take Care & God Bless! BW

Thanks for the kind words guys and ladies.

Well, I went in to the ER yesterday and they set me up for an appointment with a specialist this coming Thursday. They told me I might have to have it re-broke and set and what not, it just depends on what is going on with it.

Well, I will get the pics up as soon as I get them.

It's looking a lot better and feels Fine....AS LONG as I dont touch it. Ha Ha.

not a virgin anymore. Congrats on the win,


i have reset mine several times. trust me, just do it. it sucks more the longer you wait.

mine has been busted at least 5 times (yeah i know, learn to duck..........or at least learn to shut up). but when you factor in the re-breaking to straighten it out i am easily in double digits.

not sure if i'm bragging or complaining-MM

Hey Molly whats up? thanks. where were u today? :)

Mama, when is Skip fighting again?

Thanks Loretta.

Well, I guess I have to wait and see what they say til Thursday. But, I heard the LONGER you wait the worse it hurts. Yeah.

Don't rebreak unless you really have to. The recovery sucks way worse than the original broken nose, at least in my experience.

my first one is the worst story to tell. me vs door in highschool. just walking along, looking the other way and BANG. after that it hasn't taken much to knock shit loose. 20 + years later, i still hate that door-MM

great stories guys

Doolin, Wait until your fighting career is over to have it fixed (unless it is affecting your breathing). Congrats on the "W" and way to represent HKP&RUM! Sincerely, FredruM

Doolin, Ill reset it for you tonight ! It wont hurt .